A location that truly needs no introductions.

In Finale you get:

- one of the best locations for riding in the world

- a selection of more than 120 different trails for different skillsets

- great riding conditions and weather nearly year round

- new trails popping up every year

a local’s tour of the best restaurants and eats (more on that below)

- a location opportunity to ride EWS (Enduro World Series) former course trails. The EWS has come to Finale for six consecutive years, including the Trophy of Nations event on summer 2019 and the upcoming autumn 2020

Need we say more?

Bottom line: if you’ve never been to Finale Ligure before, this is your chance to enjoy a brilliant experience!

If you have been here once or more times... don't forget: you've NEVER ridden EVERYTHING in Finale!

WHEN we operate here


If you are looking for a car to carry you around and sit for half the day, this is not the guide company for you. There are plenty of companies who offer those same services in Finale.

We aim to provide a proper riding experience here: all-mountain/enduro, not “downhill with enduro bikes” type of mountain biking.

It is not a secret: cuisine is prime in Italy, and Finale is not an exception.


Part of your holiday (a big part of it!) will be enjoying outrageously tasty meals, brilliant desserts and, of course, a drink or two at the end of the ride!

Taking you to the best RESTAURANTS, hidden gems and GELATO places will be one of our MAIN tasks.


Finale has a lot to offer but there is even more!

We would love to show you some other parts of our wonderful region and we'll do that supported by other local activities and sevices!


How we STRUCTURE our offer

Most of our tours are based on one shuttle lift in the morning and, then, riding all day. By doing that we'll be able to show you both the classics and the hidden gems!

An average day can be made of around 1000m (3300ft) gain and 2000m (6500ft) drop

All request will be taken separately though, everything can be customized

Private Tour
 Group Tour 
Technique Lessons
 Ride EWS 


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Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 17024, Finale Ligure (SV), Italy
+39 346 966 6514 (Francesco)
VAT Number: 04072420989
We operate in Finale all year