Guided tours on the best trails in Italy. We offer epic guided rides in Finale Ligure and Aosta Valley. Stories and coaching only a local can share are complimentary.​ All supported by @Yeti Cycles.

Ride Over Yonder is grounded in a lifetime of passion for mountain biking and the outdoors, refined through professional guide and coach certification and training.

We aim to create the best possible mountain biking experience in an already stunning setting.

From the world-renowned trails of Finale Ligure (and not just the well-known trails, but the hidden gems too) to the big rides and adventures through the daunting Aosta Valley peaks.

Natural trails, away from the crowd, from the seaside sunset views to the high-altitude lines of the Mountains (capital M on purpose 😉)

All you need to do is enjoy the ridethe rest is on us.

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Ride Over Yonder
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 17024, Finale Ligure (SV), Italy
+39 346 966 6514 (Francesco)
VAT Number: 04072420989