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      This is Ride Over Yonder's mainstream, not what everybody else offer! One shuttle lift in the morning and, then, riding for the rest of the day. You'll get the chance of hitting both the classics of Finale and some of the hidden gems this beautiful territory has to offer!

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      A good start is the best start! ​ We've put a good deal of effort in making sure we would have started a guiding career with the right foot. Starting our journey in 2014 by becoming certified instructor and guide of the Official Italian Cycling Federation (FCI). ​ Regions we work in: - Liguria - Valle d'Aosta - Lombardia #FCI #CertifiedGuides #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles


      Guided tours on the best trails in Italy. We offer epic guided rides in Finale Ligure and Aosta Valley. Stories and coaching only a local can share are complimentary.​ All supported by @Yeti Cycles. Ride Over Yonder is grounded in a lifetime of passion for mountain biking and the outdoors, refined through professional guide and coach certification and training. We aim to create the best possible mountain biking experience in an already stunning setting. From the world-renowned trails of Finale Ligure (and not just the well-known trails, but the hidden gems too) to the big rides and adventures through the daunting Aosta Valley peaks. Natural trails, away from the crowd, from the seaside sunset views to the high-altitude lines of the Mountains (capital M on purpose 😉) All you need to do is enjoy the ride… the rest is on us. #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles


      Back in September I got the chance to have racer, blogger, YouTuber and fellow ambassador Nate Hills with me in Europe for a couple of weeks and it was RAD! ​ We started off in the big mountains with photographer Dan Milner, armed with a job from Yeti Cycles to shoot and test the new SB130. We went straight to Finale after that for some "hometown shredding"! ​ Here are a couple of samples of how it went: ​ #EXPOSURE The first time my butt actually touched the saddle of the SB130 was just hours before embarking on this outstanding 5-day, hut-to-hut, adventure around Mont Blanc from Chamonix... couldn’t be more pumped! ​ I was riding one of the best bikes in one of the places I love the most with a couple of badass blokes! What else? #MYHAPPYPLACE The hunt for Gelato is on! ​ Down a 1500m (4500ft) descent to get to Courmayeur for lunch and (mainly) gelato! - steep stuff - exposure factor - trails I've been riding since I started mountainbiking and... - birthday party at the end of the day ​ CHECK! #ROLLERCOASTER After a week around the Mont Blanc had Nate Hills riding Finale Outdoor Resort trails... all-round good food, nice weather and prime riding experience! ​ Rollercoaster, an all-time classic! #GELATOFROMTHESOURCE One of those long, fun days out riding... Nato Base in the morning, Dolmen in the afternoon... 3 gelatos in the day... and the record was not broken quite yet at that point! ​ Proper balance! #followcamfriday #ValledAosta #FinaleLigure #finaleoutdoorresort #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles

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    • Finale Ligure and more | Ride Over Yonder - Mountainbike guided tours

      BOOK NOW FINALE LIGURE ... A location that truly needs no introductions. ​ In you get: Finale ​ - one of the for riding best locations in the world - a selection of different for different skillsets more than 120 trails - great riding nearly conditions and weather year round - popping up every year new trails - a local’s tour of the (more on that below) best restaurants and eats - a location opportunity to ride EWS ( Enduro World Series ) former course trails. The EWS has come to Finale for six consecutive years, including the Trophy of Nations event on summer 2019 and the upcoming autumn 2020 ​ Need we say more? ​ Bottom line: if you’ve before, this is your ! never been to Finale Ligure chance to enjoy a brilliant experience If you once or more times... don't forget: have been here you've NEVER ridden EVERYTHING in Finale! WHEN we operate here How to GET HERE ... ? If you are looking for a car to and sit for half the day, this is . There are plenty of companies who offer those same services in Finale. carry you around not the guide company for you ​ We aim to provide a : all-mountain/enduro, not “downhill with enduro bikes” type of mountain biking. proper riding experience here It is not a secret: , and Finale is not an exception. cuisine is prime in Italy Part of your holiday (a big part of it!) will be , brilliant and, of course, ! enjoying outrageously tasty meals desserts a drink or two at the end of the ride ​ Taking you to the , hidden gems and will be one of our best RESTAURANTS GELATO places MAIN tasks. ...AND MORE Finale has a lot to offer but ! there is even more ​ We would love to and we'll do that supported by other local activities and sevices! show you some other parts of our wonderful region VARAZZE INFERNO FLOW MALLARE PIETRA LIGURE How we STRUCTURE our offer are based on and, then, . By doing that we'll be able to the and the ! Most of our tours one shuttle lift in the morning riding all day show you both classics hidden gems An average day can be made of (3300ft) (6500ft) around 1000m gain and 2000m drop ​ All request will be taken separately though, everything can be customized ! Private Tour Group Tour Technique Lessons Ride EWS ASK US ANYTHING! Send We support:

    • Aosta Valley | Ride Over Yonder - Mountainbike guided tours

      BOOK NOW AOSTA VALLEY Aosta Valley is the stuff of which . Nestled in the Western Alps, it is . The only thing that beats the stunning scenery is the thrilling legends are made home to the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc single tracks. ​ In you get: Aosta Valley ​ - one of the for riding best regions in the world, and this isn't hyperbole - a selection of of every kind long, wild, natural trails - the chance of experiencing among and glaciers proper backcountry riding massive peaks - and the real mountain/ all aboard 2 wheels history, tradition mountaineering culture ​ Need we say more? ​ Well, if you've before, to enjoy a brilliant set of adventures! never been in Aosta Valley this is your chance WHEN we operate here How to GET HERE ... ? If you for one or more days in the mountains of Italy, rest assured you’ve . In the Aosta Valley, the /hike the . sign up with us bought yourself a great adventure higher you pedal better the descent ​ Was that a l on a ridge or a super tecky, switchbacky , 90 min-long natural trai quick shot in the woods stoke is guaranteed! A at the end of a long ride? DONE beer or a drink Or perhaps a on a multi-day, for a nice dinner? Again, DONE. stop at a rifugio hut-to-hut Tour du Mont Blanc ​ This is , good eats and hospitality is our . Italy after all way of life Damn that is a must! How we STRUCTURE our offer Private Tour Group Tour Technique Lessons WHAT we do BACKCOUNTRY BACKCOUNTRY - BIKE PARK TOUR DU MONT BLANC CUSTOM ASK US ANYTHING! Send We support:

    • Tour du Mont Blanc | Ride Over Yonder - Mountainbike guided tours

      UPCOMING #TMBs TOUR DU MONT BLANC A hiking classic, nearly already a MTB classic! ​ A hut-to-hut, , around his majesty the Mont Blanc. multi-day adventure through three countries Start every morning from a , surrounded by astonished hikers and with a delicious local folklore getting for another day of traditional rifugio high up in the mountains end your day hot meal, drinks and tales before a bit of rest epic riding. ​ General infos ​ Distance: around (115 miles) 180km Gain: around (26578 ft) 8101m Drop: around (26528 ft) 8086m Duration: from 3 to 5 days back to back number of riders to cover the costs: Minimum 4 people ​ The Tour du Mont Blanc ( ) is a journey around the highest mountain of the Alps. #TMB Riding it the allows to (still around 2 to 3 hours during the 4 to 5 days of its duration). clockwise way reduce the hike-a-bike sections to the minimum ​ It is a that requires really , and a good . physically demanding trip good training conditions high skill level deal of effort ​ FITNESS: Level 4 required SKILLS: Level 3 to Level 4 required What does it mean? ​ Great is the you’ll find on the TMB. From tarmac to fire roads, from loose single tracks to steep flowy sections, and the views…man, the views! variety of terrains every day has a descent to remember during the tour are , hostels or hotels, depending on what is your preference. Mostly simple, , geared up with to make a stay quite memorable even if set in the middle of big mountains. The ..maybe not always italian-high but close HA! The stops mountain huts comfortable places plenty if facilities food quality is almost always pretty high. ​ The Mont blanc will always be in sight a part from the 4th day (on a 5-day trip) Specific route’s details Here are the main towns and places we’ll go through: ​ Courmayeur-Val Veny-Colle de la Seigne-Les Chapieux-Cormet du Roselend-Col de Sur Frètes-Col de la Gitte-Col du Joly-Contamines-Col de Voza-Chamonix-Tour-Col de Balme - Trient-Colle de la Forclaz-Champex- Swisse Val Ferret -Col Ferret-Rif. Bonatti-Rif. Bertone-Planpincieux-Courmayeur. Here is how the days will most likely be organised: Day 1: Courmayeur - Elisabetta hut Day 2: Elisabetta hut - Col de la Croix du Bonhomme Day 3: Col de la Croix du Bonhomme - Chamonix Day 4: Chamonix - La Fouly Day 5: La Fouly - Courmayeur Starting point Courmayeur (all details will be given during the booking process) How to get here You can check how to get to Aosta Valley or have a look at “ ” here Everything you need for riding in Italy What to carry with you We’ll need to be , (even some snow flakes maybe) and able to in the evening after a shower in the hut. self supported for about 5 days ready for any weather conditions stay warm and comfortable We’ll have but not always towels. showers every day We’ll have a of riding. A bag with some changes of clothes and spares will be necessary for you to have it at the end of the 3rd day of riding. support car at the end of the 3rd day Don’t forget to get . Anything can happen in the mountains. spare parts that are specific to your bike We suggest having a and a pair of for a while! bike in the best conditions possible biking shoes capable of walking ​ FURTHER INFOS AND A "SUGGESTED ITEMS" LIST WILL BE PROVIDED (if requested) ONCE THE BOOKING WILL BE SET. Price For a the price will be (VAT not included), which includes: minimum of 4 people 800€ per person professional guide for 5 days 4 half-board stays in huts/hostels support vehicle on the 3rd day of the journey ​ Not included in the price Everything not included in the “Price” section, such as: half-day lunches and restaurants/bars/pocket lunch, lifts or trains or transfers of any kind, optional rescue insurance, etc. Other options it is possible to request the booking of the night before and after the start of the #TMB in case small injuries happened, the transfer to the following stop by car is free of charge. Other transfers will be charged 20€ per person the plan might change depending on sudden problems/weather conditions/etc. and will be decided by the guide. Further expenses will, then, be charged to the participants Upcoming #TMBs No upcoming events at the moment in case those two were not matching your needs, feel free to request the dates that best suit your group’s timing for logistical reasons, bookings will be accepted until 30 days before the starting day of the #TMB Armed with a job from Yeti Cycles to shoot its new SB130 in its natural habitat (that’s big mountains and fast trails, by the way) we re-visited the TMB with reinvigorated curiosity! ​ Brilliant photos, words and memories! ​ Photos and words: Dan Milner Riders: Nate Hills , Francesco Gozio Check it out → ASK US ANYTHING! Send

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