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    This ride aims to touch all the old-school tracks on the plateaus close to the sea and just above Finale. Ancient, historic trails made by the Romans around 2.000 years ago, eventually maintained and converted into mtb trails and used throughout the years for events such as FinalEnduro and Enduro World Series. We’ll navigate you through the labyrinth that our area can be, masterfully chaining together tracks that racers, locals and we have been loving for so long! Coffee first. Off we go after that! The day will be based on a sequence of 20-30min climbs, natural trails down and fun hilly sections in between. We’ll touch all the three plateaus that surround and look over Finale such as Caprazoppa, San Bernardino and Le Manie. Here are some hints (maybe in sequence...maybe not): - Bondi - X-Men - Ruggetta - Dolmen - Borderline - Val Nava - Dh Donne - Briga Destra For who have been riding Finale before, these are known trails, for whoever hasn’t, they willsoon be. A beautiful local meal will be waiting for us (as usual) at a restaurant at around 12:30/13:00. As always, at the end of the day, we’ll be heading towards a beer, ice-cream, whatever you like to top the day off!

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    A good start is the best start! ​ We've put a good deal of effort in making sure we would have started a guiding career with the right foot. Starting our journey in 2014 by becoming certified instructor and guide of the Official Italian Cycling Federation (FCI). ​ Regions we work in: - Liguria - Valle d'Aosta - Lombardia #FCI #CertifiedGuides #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles


    Guided tours on the best trails in Italy. We offer epic guided rides in Finale Ligure and Aosta Valley. Stories and coaching only a local can share are complimentary.​ All supported by @Yeti Cycles. Ride Over Yonder is grounded in a lifetime of passion for mountain biking and the outdoors, refined through professional guide and coach certification and training. We aim to create the best possible mountain biking experience in an already stunning setting. From the world-renowned trails of Finale Ligure (and not just the well-known trails, but the hidden gems too) to the big rides and adventures through the daunting Aosta Valley peaks. Natural trails, away from the crowd, from the seaside sunset views to the high-altitude lines of the Mountains (capital M on purpose 😉) All you need to do is enjoy the ride… the rest is on us. #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles


    Back in September I got the chance to have racer, blogger, YouTuber and fellow ambassador Nate Hills with me in Europe for a couple of weeks and it was RAD! ​ We started off in the big mountains with photographer Dan Milner, armed with a job from Yeti Cycles to shoot and test the new SB130. We went straight to Finale after that for some "hometown shredding"! ​ Here are a couple of samples of how it went: ​ #EXPOSURE The first time my butt actually touched the saddle of the SB130 was just hours before embarking on this outstanding 5-day, hut-to-hut, adventure around Mont Blanc from Chamonix... couldn’t be more pumped! ​ I was riding one of the best bikes in one of the places I love the most with a couple of badass blokes! What else? #MYHAPPYPLACE The hunt for Gelato is on! ​ Down a 1500m (4500ft) descent to get to Courmayeur for lunch and (mainly) gelato! - steep stuff - exposure factor - trails I've been riding since I started mountainbiking and... - birthday party at the end of the day ​ CHECK! #ROLLERCOASTER After a week around the Mont Blanc had Nate Hills riding Finale Outdoor Resort trails... all-round good food, nice weather and prime riding experience! ​ Rollercoaster, an all-time classic! #GELATOFROMTHESOURCE One of those long, fun days out riding... Nato Base in the morning, Dolmen in the afternoon... 3 gelatos in the day... and the record was not broken quite yet at that point! ​ Proper balance! #followcamfriday #ValledAosta #FinaleLigure #finaleoutdoorresort #RideOverYonderGuidedTours #rideoveryonder #guidelife #MoreThanMyth #ProvenHere #RideDriven #PartofTheTribe #YetiCycles

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    My Items ​ More Tour du Mont Blanc A hiking classic, nearly already a MTB classic! A hut-to-hut, multi-day adventure through three countries, around his majesty the Mont Blanc. More Aosta A set of classics in the Aosta area: from the Ru Neuf to the Chaligne peak. Great food, natural single tracks, some hike-a-bike and long descents! More Decauville Fun day set just underneath the Matterhorn. A great enduro day that flows through ski slopes, ancient railroads, beautiful gems of towns in the middle of the mountains. More Peak Season Making the most of the natural trails of La Thuile Bike Park in the morning and a beautiful selection of alpine single tracks in the afternoon. More Ridgeline Boy, this tour packs some amazing trails! More Jaw Drop Maybe the most awe-inspiring valley...period. More E-Bike Advanced We can provide you with the right environment and the skills to specifically improve and test your abilities on E-Bike specific terrain. More E-Bike Control We are looking forward to providing you with those techniques and tips that can boost the growth of your E-Skills and make you understand better how to handle your E-Bike More Advanced We are looking forward to providing you with those techniques and tips that can boost the growth of your skills at high level. More Intermediate You’ve been riding for a while and would like to improve your technique. More Fresh Starter First time on a bike? Want to get the roots of this amazing sport and start your riding future with the right foot? Well, we’ll make that happen. More Launch Control The proper terrain to unleash the full potential of your E-Mtb. More Challenging If you’ve been riding E-Bikes for a while. If you’d love to enjoy a Finale great trails’ experience taylored on your E-needs, this is just spot on. More E-Ride Enjoying Finale’s classic ride on your E-Bike. More Into the Wild An immersive jump into the real inland backcountry area behind Finale Ligure. More Classy Chassis A beauty of a day! Tour created for touching the best original, classic tracks that made Finale a Riding mecca from the old days. More Base Nato The Nato Base area is an amazing hub and starting point for stunning rides on the whole high section of the Region’s trail area. More Din With Rollercoaster as the central part of this tour, you can’t really go wrong. What you might not be aware of are the trails above, beside and under Rollercoaster, and those are going to be up to the level of maybe the most famous trail in Finale. More A Stone's Throw Brilliant terrain and amazing gems on this uprising part of the Outdoor Region. More

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    Into the Wild 7 NaN/1

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    A Stone's Throw 7 NaN/1

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